Sohel Ahmed Ansari

Sohel Ahmed Ansari

Front End Developer

I am very much interested in putting my knowledge acquired into practice and giving results to the best of my abilities and skills. I love to work in an environment which encourages me to keep learning. I am essentially into front-end development.
Bachelors in Computer Science
More than 9 years of experience
Specialized in handling front-end development and dealing with UI and UX of anything that I work on. I am always interested to put my views on the look and feel of the product.
Skills acquired
Actionscript 3.0

(Its been a while)

Good knowledge of working with git SCM. Also familiar with SVN

Familiar with Agile Software Developement and Scrum

Experienced in working on everything from setting up front-end stack to converting psd/wireframes to actual pages, adding functionality and integrating it into the app.
Also been part of UI/UX improvements and suggestions.
Very good knowledge of javascript and javascript frameworks, HTML and CSS.

Recently started exploring backend as well with nodejs

Worked on diverse products including e-learning, retail, voice calling app for browsers, webshop.

Worked for
(current employer)